Midnight Kingdom

lyrics by yoko nagai

1.Midnight Kingdom 

2.Devil’s Dyke

3.Castle Of Tears

4.Soul Messengers

5.Free Flight

6.Midnight Kingdom(Tails of Tales)

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Midnight Kingdom

Here comes, open gate, to my prime time MIDNIGHT KINGDOM

Full of passion Full of Love’s Taking off from this and that to walk inside the real me

You can’t be in mine but surely you have your MIDNIGHT KINGDOM

Full of energy Full of confidence Immersing yourself more to truly understand your own style

Never invaded, let them be MIDNIGHT KINGDOM

Full of wonder Full of joy Taking control of your thoughts Don’t give them control of your thoughts

Devil’s Dyke

So keep on keeping on You live your life till you die

Did you think you could say goodbye and live happily ever after?

So come on, face to face You’ll never die till you live

Who did you think? Who could you be?

Living ”happy ever after”, your dreams coming true

Did your dreams come true?

Castle Of Tears

Wanted you so bad, fought so long, nothing left to give

I am saved but jaded and I realise

The only way is to love if I hate pain

Covered a deep scar on my soul How long do I wait for it to be healed in vain?

We built our castle, stoked high hopes, safe within its walls

But all dreams, all schemes can turn to dust

This castle is weak, in a heartbeat, tumbling to our knees

Tears are falling down, down to the castle, on our cold cheeks

So be it  So be it  So be it

Soul Messengers

An Englishman sat next to me in a park  He said “To be with you.”

How come he said to me when it was nearly over? Smothering with mercy

Everyone around you is a soul messenger

Try to find the reason to bring the truth to the fore

Temperamental people in the journey to the past

And I could be another missing piece

A Danish man sits next to me in a bar saying  “Remember, ‘confidence’.”

How does he read it, when it’s really over Deriving the real me

Used to live in the isle of love and solitude  Saw my blood brother

How would he know it, we’re never over He saved me from the deep sea

How come he said it, How does he read it, How would he know it

Free Flight

Stand in the dark In the moment being myself Silence will speak to me gently

I see the light In the garden my joy grows each day Flowers will bloom in my heart

I feel free Pleasure is a state of mind, pure and true

I am free There will be no boundaries in beauty in life

Float in the air  In the moment losing myself  Emptiness, show me the path back

I touch the ground Open up myself, smiling to all The sun will shine in my heart

It’s not seen It just IS Making myself what I am right here

It’s not seen It just IS Making myself what I am right now

Midnight Kingdom(Tails of Tales)

Living in a tiny bedroom Filled with prints and thirty-three

Conversation with legends Pursuing a sanctuary

MIDNIGHT KINGDOM How does it feel to rule the world?

MIDNIGHT KINGDOM This is the place I can be

Copyright(C) 2016 yoko nagai all rights reserved.